RE/MAX Sun Living

In Italy RE/MAX is present since 1996 and is constantly growing, with over 280 Agencies on the territory. Each Agency is autonomous and independent and each Advisor operates as freelance professional and without restrictions of area.

In 2016 Re/MAX’s hot-air balloon lands in the boot of Italy, in Latiano (BR) between Salento and Valle d’Itria. With the opening of the Sun Living agency, in the heart of the peninsula of Salento, the RE/MAX network – already in Lecce, Brindisi and Ostuni – warrants a better covering on the territory with its own services. Sun Living’s characteristics are simplicity, taste and hospitality. Our professionals help the clients in designing their life in Apulia, following them step by step in all the aspects linked to the house, from the bureaucratic fulfilments to design, from planning to the care of the property.

Sun Living takes advantage of cooperation with well-known companies for the restoration of the properties characteristic of the countries and of the coasts of Salento, to preserve their traditional tracts and add an innovative and creative touch. We combine simplicity and style, whim and skills, fairy-tale and concreteness. Just like Puglia.

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