Sea and nature.

The discovery of the thousand faces of Apulia is a fascinating and surprising experience, a travel in which everyone can make his wishes come true. If you love nature and sea, the recall of the beaches of Salento is irresistible. You can relax among the marvellous sandy stretches of Torre dell’OrsoMelendugno and Baia Verde; walk with your bare foot along small untouched bays or go by boat through the Zinzulusa grotto; dive in the crystal blue waters of Otranto and Punta Prosciutto; touch lightly the luxuriant and unique vegetation of Laghi Alimini. And when the sun is going fading, regenerate yourself with a cold cocktail in one of the numerous and crowded bars of the movida of Gallipoli.

After having taken a rest, you can climb with large strokes along the Adriatic ridge in the coast of Fasano – between Northern Salento and the Murgia of Bari – dominated by hills populated by thick and luxuriant Mediterranean maquis; Polignano a Mare, with the enchanting natural grottoes outlined during the centuries by the erosive action of the wind and of water (Grotta Palazzese is worth a visit); Molfetta with the magnificent port dominated by a gracious ancient hamlet. Continuing this enchanting travel that from the deep Salento will lead you to the discovery of the other pearls of the region, you cannot miss a stop in Taranto, capital of Magna Grecia that stretches harmonically between the Mar Piccolo and the Mar Grande. The ancient hamlet and the modern one are separated by nature, but joined by one of the prodigies of modern engineering: the swing bridge, symbol and pride of the city.

Among the Apulian natural marvels, you cannot miss the Castellana Grottoes, the most important speleological complex in Europe; a trip in the bowels of the earth among thousand-years stalagmites and stalactites, 3 km of caves, aisles and chasms having curious and mythological names.

If you adore stacking up kilometres by bike, getting lost among the luxuriant countryside of Brindisi, MesagneOriaLatianoSan Vito dei Normanni and Carovigno – greeted by majestic olive trees – is an unforgettable experience.

The magic of Apulia stands in the extraordinary combination between the generosity of nature and the heritage left untouched by centuries of history and by the passing of several populations. From the deep Salento to Gargano you can pretend to be an ancient king walking along the wide halls of the Aragonese and Norman castles – Carovigno, Oria, Bari, Gioia del Colle, Barletta – once inhabited by courageous knights waiting for the enemy on impregnable towers. And in this dream with your open eyes, identify yourself with the emperor Frederic II of Swabia returning from the fatigues of the Crusades to the majestic Castel del Monte, on the plateau of Murge.

Imagine yourself while – with a backpack on your shoulders – you admire astonished the jewels of the Baroque of Salento – starting from Lecce called “the Florence of southern Italy” – and of the small hamlets of the province, guardians of popular traditions that combine together the sacred with the profane, songs and tales in griko – ancient dialect of Salento – and Taranta dance at the delirious rhythm of the tambourines.

Continuing towards the North-East you will find the enchanting landscape of the Valle d’Itria among the whiteness of the trulli of Alberobello – eternal dry whitened jewels – and majestic olive trees as far as the eye can see; Ostuni with the ancient small houses of the historical centre pained with milky lime; the narrow alleys of Cisternino and Martina Franca animated by small restaurants where you can taste the typical roasted meat and salami “at km 0”, produced in the generous farmhouses of the area.

Itineraries of taste.

Next to the natural and artistic beauties, Puglia donates a triumph of genuine and different flavours. A simple cuisine deeply rooted in the land and in the sea. We will guide you in an itinerary of taste through silent farmhouses, trattorie and restaurants that are the guardians of the authentic flavours of the past, farmhouses where you can taste salami and cheeses freshly realized by the wise hands of the dairy masters.

In GallipoliSanta Maria di LeucaTorre dell’Orso, Fasano, Savelletri or Polignano a Mare you will taste fresh fish just caught sat at the table of a small restaurant overlooking the cliff.